Valentine Gift Set

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Valentine’s Day Gift Set

Pamper your special someone with the unique Valentine’s Day gift set. We thoughtfully put this gift set together to both pamper your valentine and leave her with a special gift that she can wear through out the year. 

Our all natural goat’s milk soap created in our relaxing lavender essential oil blend. We use fresh goats milk along with high quality oils like coconut and shea butter, in addition to Jojoba, olive, almond and avocado oils, this gives our soap rich creamy lather nourishing and healthy for your skin.

Bella Daye bath bombs are created with natural ingredients to give you a healthy spa experience. We have added our same relaxing blend of essential oils that offer delightful aromatherapy benefits. And, just a touch of oils to moisturize your skin. 

This bath bomb contains a beautiful stainless steel ring with a deep purple gemstone. Size 6 

Top off your relaxing spa experience with our bees wax candle that burns with a wood wick, and contains the same relaxing fragrance and topped with lavender buds.

Your special someone will truly love this gift set.

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