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pet shampoo cypress and lemon

Cypress Lemon Pet Shampoo

I just purchased the cypress lemon pet shampoo and omg my sweet Ellie May smells amazing and like a hint of lemon! It lathered beautifully and washed so well! happy doggy mommy, happy doggy!

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Eczema Oatmeal soap review

Oatmeal soap review.

My son was diagnosed by a dermatologist with eczema on his face and scalp. We tried a wide variety of over the counter washes and lotions and saw no improvement to his skin. His face and scalp became scaly with raw sores at times. We started using the oatmeal goats milk soap and saw an improvement in just a couple of days. When we would wash his face and hair with the soap the redness and scaliness would be visibly better with each use until his face is now clear. We continue to use this soap on his entire body and as his shampoo and his skin is 100% clear of redness, sores, and scaliness. I would recommended this product to anyone who has eczema! It is wonderful!

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pet shampoo lavender patchouli
Pet Shampoo review

I finally tried the pet shampoo and it is awesome! 
At first i was skeptical about a bar soap shampoo in general, but it is by far the best pet shampoo i have ever used.
Typically I have to give Bailey a once over just to get the store brand to lather then a 3rd wash to avoid a wet dog smell afterwards. But not the case with yours:-) My quickest and most effective doggie shower yet. 
Since Jackson has shown up at our door his coat has always had a really course texture almost like he has a skin rash or something but he is softer than ever before and smells amazing. 
I’m ashamed i waited so long to try it out.. lol
And I’m surprised to have so much left, i expected the bar to disappear but it held up nicely.
Truly amazing! Thank you so much!

pet shampoo
pet shampoo

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General Product review

General product review. Every product I have used has been in a completely different class than any store bought product. 
-Charcoal soap is a personal fav
-Totally impressed by the pet shampoo (a must have for any pet owner)
-Elegant packaging, Low pricing and Fantastic product

product review
general review

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review oatmeal soap

Oatmeal Soap review- The oatmeal fragrance free bar has changed my life. I use it on my face every morning and it has almost completely cleared up a life times worth of acne scars. I just had a baby and it has helped lessen my stretch marks, my husband even uses this product! Love it! Amelia

oatmeal soap
oatmeal soap

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Lip balm review- Oh my goodness I bought the natural lip balm in the spearmint scent. It is A…MAAAA….ZING! so moisturizing! She does the most perfect blend of all the ingredients to make your lips feel kissable again! Thank you for a wonderful product! Stephanie

Lip Balm
Lip Balm

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pet shampoo lavender patchouli

Lavender Pet shampoo review. So, my pet shampoo bar came in today and the scent is…. amazing. I totally wasn’t going to bathe anyone today but, my plans got changed for me. Someone went out and rolled in SOMETHING. So, we had to bathe a 95 pound St. Bernard who, hates baths. Once in the actual tub, he settled and let me wash him. He is squeaky clean and smells wonderful. The shampoo rinsed out so easy, I am completely in love. Angela

pet shampoo
Pet Shampoo

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