Face Serum, New product

face serum

All New face Serum product release At almost every event that Bella Daye attends we get asked, “do you have a face moisturizer?” Well, now we do. Introducing our all new Face Serum. We have spent a large amount of continue reading

New Oils

New Oils

We have new oils! Every time I see a post about the benefits of different oils I add it to my wish list. I have had Jasmine absolute on my list for almost a year. Until now! I am happy continue reading

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

sweet orange essential oil

Fragrance Friday Sweet Orange essential oil. Welcome to fragrance Friday! As part of our new years resolution to be more diligent in our health and wellness post. It is our goal, at least one Friday a month, to showcase one continue reading

Essential oil Necklace

Essential oil necklaces created with stainless steel are a beautiful way to diffuse essential oils all day. Whether you need a nice relaxing blend to make it through the stress of the day or need a little pick me up continue reading