Herbs and Teas

herbs and teas
Herb garden equals new products

We have been hard at work the past few month developing a plan to expand our product line. And although spring is not here yet, we have begun indoor planting of a wide variety of herbs. In the coming weeks we will move these seedlings to the green house where we are sure they will flourish. Over the course of the summer we will begin offering fresh, non GMO, and grown from heirloom seed, herbs to our local customers.

By the time fall weather hits we hope to be able to bring you soothing medicinal teas and individual dried herbs. The dried herbs and teas will be available for shipping. We are excited about this new addition as we feel it fits in perfectly with our other all natural health and wellness products.

herbs and teas
herb and teas
Changes you may see

You will begin to see small changes to our web site and social media pages that better define what Bella Daye is all about. We originally began our journey as a natural beauty product line. We wanted to bring people all natural products that would enrich their lives and bring nourishment to their skin, without all the harmful chemicals that are in so many (if not all) of the products on the market. So, what started out as a boutique of beauty products, is becoming an all natural health and wellness line. We are dropping the “boutique” from our name. And, replacing it with “botanicals” as that more accurately describes what we are all about.

When we chose to use essential oils for fragrances I had no idea of the vast benefits that came with them. And, I quickly realized that using them for fragrance alone was selling these marvelous oils short. And so, we set out to learn more. I am currently enrolled in the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy. I will obtain the course hours needed to be able to sit for the national Registered Aromatherapist licensing test. This was a huge step for me and our company. And, it has sparked an onslaught of ideas and plans for future growth.

So, as you begin to see small changes to our site and store, rest assured that you are still getting handmade, high quality products created locally and with intention to help restore health and longevity to the lives of others.

New products

We have several new products of the horizon. Herbs and Herbal tea blends are one of them. We also plan to offer full size bottles of essential oils as. We will embark on the journey to establish our own brand. (this one may take the longest) We continue to learn new and exciting things about CBD and have plans to expand that line as well. There are many wonderful things coming this year and beyond. So stick around and join us on our journey to better health.

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