Re-branding Name Change

Bella Daye is re-branding!!

Our official announcement is here! Re-branding is something that we have wrestled with for quite some time. I have never really felt that our name spoke to the heart of what we do, and so I have been working for almost a year now to find a brand that represents us well.

If you have ever embarked on this journey, then you know a little about how hard it can be. However, after many thoughts, ideas and much prayer, I am happy to announce that I believe our new brand speaks directly to the products that we offer and allows you the customer to know what you will find here, before you actually take a look.

The Herbal Bath

Over the next month we will be putting the finishing touches on our new web site and plan for an official launch on October 1st 2019! We will continue to operate here until the new store is fully operational. This site will stay secure and active for the next year. giving our customers the opportunity to find us. Once things are in place visitors to this site will be automatically redirected to the herbal bath site.

So have no worries about missing anything. We pray that this transition will be a smooth one. But, if you experience any issues please let us know via the contact for as soon as possible.

We are excited about this change and all the possibilities that may come. Join us on this adventure!

video announcement