Sweet Orange Essential Oil

sweet orange essential oil
Fragrance Friday

Sweet Orange essential oil. Welcome to fragrance Friday! As part of our new years resolution to be more diligent in our health and wellness post. It is our goal, at least one Friday a month, to showcase one of natures wonderful essential oils and to guide you with a few tips on how to use it.

Sweet orange is one of my favorite oils and a main go to for many things. If you need 1 oil to add to your arsenal I recommend that you grab some orange. The aroma of this beautiful refreshing oil can lift your spirits, relieve anxiety and promote feelings of happiness. You can use this oil mixed with a carrier oil for massage to relieve sore muscles, and it can even help with digestive issues like an upset stomach.

Pure essential oils
Pure essential oils

The benefits and uses don’t end with just personal use either. Sweet orange makes a perfect addition to household cleaners. It disinfects, cleans and leaves a refreshing scent. Now you can ditch the chemical cleaners that leave toxins lingering in your home for up to 2 weeks after you use them, and truly clean with this refreshing oil that leaves behind healthy benefits.

One of my favorite recipes to diffuse with sweet orange is our uplifting blend. Simply use 1 drop of sweet orange, 1 drop of bergamot and 1 drop of lemon. Diffuse for and all around uplift, feel good kind of day.

Grab your oils on this Friday and have a happy weekend!

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