Upcoming Changes

Excitement abounds here as we are gearing up for some major changes!

For quite some time I have wrestled with the best way to push forward in my business endeavors. I’ve thought about and research so many areas, like wholesale and retail, vendor shows and of course our online store. Although I have desired to push forward to the next level, I just couldn’t seem to pull that chain to get the balls moving.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking with people and seeking advice from my elders, and have spent a fair amount of time in prayer. I finally realized that one of the main things holding me back was that I have never been truly happy with my shop name. This 1 aspect kept me from obtaining licenses that I wanted, which kept me from opening wholesale accounts that I needed. Ultimately I felt stuck.

Over the past several months, I have wrestled with names. What name represents my products? What name speaks to my customers? For some people this may be easy to pinpoint. For me, it has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in this business. I spent countless hours writing down ideas, listing out product ideas, and a direction for my long term goals. All of this to find a name. I would love to say that all that “work” paid off. However I think it was more prayer than anything else. I finally reached a place of peace and decided I would just press forward with what I had. Then out of nowhere, when I wasn’t thinking about names, listening to a pod cast that wasn’t even directly related, the answer to my prayers just hit me!

Have you ever just heard something that rang true to you? That inner voice that you answer with, “oh my gosh YES!” That’s it! This was my experience. Ideas began to flow. I called my mom (a.k.a. business partner) super excited about my new ideas, and low and behold, she had heard something earlier that day that gave her a similar idea. That was all the confirmation I needed.

Ideas have been flowing ever since. So, what does that mean? Well, we are going to rebrand. This has been a difficult decision, however in the long run I think a great one. We will do an official launch in October. So sign up for our news letter (post on this to follow) so you don’t miss any information. Along with the rebrand we will be adding a couple new product lines. And, launch day will be full of sales, special deals and coupon codes. You do not want to miss this!