Bath Bombs

bath bombs

Color free Bath Bombs, Available in Lavender, Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Jasmine and Peppermint.

These moisturizing effervescent bath balls are created with a blend of coconut oil and shea butter to replenish moisture to dry skin.
3 sizes available

All Natural ingredients, NO DYES and NO CHEMICALS, fragranced with essential oils for added aromatherapy benefits.

Fragrances/ Benefits

1 Lavender- relaxing and soothing

2 Orange-uplifting and mood elevating

3 Jasmine- Produces creative thought

4 Chamomile- calming and relaxing

5 Peppermint- cooling to sore muscles

Small 1.5 oz, Medium 2.70 oz and Large 4.5 oz bath bombs are individually Shrink wrapped for preservation

Mini bath bomb allows you to control the amount of fragrance and oils by using 1,2 or even more of these fun little mini bath bombs. 5 mini’s are equal to about 1 large bath bomb. This is a package of 12.

ntwt .6 oz Mini’s packaged in a clear cellophane bag with raffia and ribbons.

shipped with bubble wrap.

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