Herbal first aid kit

herbal first aid kit

The podcast

A couple days a week I commute just over 2 hrs one way to work. It is generally a very enjoyable drive, as I travel most of the way on a natural parkway, with no commercial hauling allowed. The biggest concern on any given day are the deer and occasional cyclist. In an effort to not merely waist that time I often look for pod cast and other educational teachings to engage my mind on the journey. I absolutely love the Aromaculture.com pod cast. They have really helped to solidify information for me and have been a great accompaniment to my registered aromatherapy education.

One pod cast that I listened to last week was with Brigitte Mars on herbal first aid kits. I have always been interested in herbal medicine, and once upon a time made many tinctures for various reasons. I was very impressed at the wealth of knowledge that Brigitte has accumulated through out her studies and hope that one day, I will know and understand at least half that much.

The Book
herbal first aid kit

And that brings me to the book. During the pod cast they mentioned Brigitte’s book that had the same title. So naturally I looked it up. They sell it on amazon and it was really very reasonable so I grabbed a copy. The book came in today and wow! For a relatively small paperback book it has a wealth of information. Covers everything from natural disasters, to snake bits and bee stings. Even gives some helpful tips if you find yourself staring down a bear or get caught in an avalanche. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not all just homemade remedies and tinctures. This book actually covers a good bit of first aid as well as homemade herbal remedies to help with all sorts of situations.

I can honestly recommend this book as a must have for any library. If you would like to check out the pod cast you can find it here

disclaimer: I am not an affiliate with aromaculture or their podcast or website. I am not an affiliate for Brigette Mars. I am simply a consumer that enjoyed this cast and this book and wanted to pass it on for others to enjoy as well

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