Healthy Granola

Healthy Granola

Healthy Granola

In our house granola is a favorite snack. It is easy and quick and most ingredients are ones that we typically have on hand. I like to add different nuts and seeds to change it up and will occasionally add dried fruit. Dried fruit is not a favorite of mine, so I usually save that for when I am making large quantities of multiple varieties.

healthy granola dry ingredients
dry ingredients

My original recipe ( not MY recipe) used honey and peanut butter. However I seem to have misplaced it and instead of just winging it, which is easy with granola, I thought I would try the recipe I am sharing here.

I like that this recipe adds egg white as a binder. Small loose granola pieces are hard to eat by hand and we don’t typically use it for dessert topping. So I like the idea of having more chunks. Also this is peanut butter free, which not only makes it great for people with allergies, but also reduces the calorie count. Almond slivers are my go-to nut for granola or any occasion. I LOVE almonds.

healthy granola wet ingredients
wet ingredients

One of the best things about any basic granola recipe is that you can add or substitute your favorite nuts, seeds and fruit pieces to create your own masterpiece.

Here is the recipe that I used today. Granola recipe Let us know if you create granola for your family. And,what are your favorite add-ins. Today I was out of nuts so I used Sunflower seeds, Hemp seeds, and Chia seeds.

Finished Granola

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