Chamomile is one of the main herbs that we plan to produce this year. Our new years endeavor is to include dried herbs and herbal teas to our botanical offerings. Naturally I have been doing some research on botanical types of chamomile. I was trying to determine which type, German or Roman would be best for us to offer.

some of our chamomile starting to sprout
Roman or German

I came across this blog post yesterday that explains the differences of both botanical types of chamomile, that are used in herbal blends and essential oils. I was happy to see that I made the right choice. We chose botanical type, Roman Chamomile for our herbal tea offerings. I had no idea that German Chamomile could cause allergic reactions in herbal form.

Roman and German chamomiles are often used interchangeably in their herbal form, but there are a few things to keep in mind about how they can behave differently. In herbal forms (teas, tinctures, dried plant material, etc.), Roman chamomile is far more likely to cause an allergic or adverse reaction than German chamomile. Since their actions are so similar, when it comes to using the herb itself, I recommend using German chamomile whenever possible.

Erin Stewart floranella

This article has other great information about the essential oil differences. You can know when to use Roman or German Chamomile essential oil, so Read her full article here

Floranella-The difference between Roman and German Chamomile

Our chamomile offerings

We are very excited about this summers herbal offerings and and other changes that are on the horizon. We endeavor to bring you all natural health and wellness products and are looking forward to expanding our product line to provide you with these wonderful natural alternatives.

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You can find Chamomile essential oil in our relaxing blend. We use this blend in our soaps and bath bombs. And, you can customize any fragrance for our scrubs and moisturizer.

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