CBD Bath Bombs

cbd bath bombs
CBD bath Bombs

Introducing our newest product! Available today! Our new CBD bath bombs are here and ready for shipment!

A few months ago I ran across someone selling cbd bath bombs. At the time I remember thinking to myself, “how could those possibly work?” I don’t know why I was skeptical because I am already a huge fan of CBD and its benefits. However I was, so I decided to do a little research. Well, it turns out they really do work. And they work well.

Dose and effect

The bombs that I originally saw, which sparked my interest and began my research were not exactly dosed according to what you should typically find in a bath bomb for pain relief. However, as a disclaimer I will say that I did not try the bombs that were there and so I make no judgment on them specifically. I will just say to always check the amount of cbd mg per serving or product so that you are aware of what you are getting.

Depending on what you are using the cbd for, whether pain, anxiety, depression or other, the average adult dose ranges between 8-12 mg per serving. It is my understanding that in a bath bomb, doses under 5 mg are not very effective on pain. I will admit that we did not test a dose lower than the 5.5 mg that we offer. However, that is the reason that we created our bath bombs in an 11 mg dose and split it into two 5.5 mg doses to allow you to customize your bath, according to your needs.

Our bath Bomb

Our Cbd bath bombs starts with the same great all natural moisturizing bomb that you have come to love. Gentle fizzing action with moisture rich oils to nourish your skin, with essential oil aromatherapy benefits. For the CBD bath bombs we added the same great essential oils that are in our CBD cream because of their wonderful benefits for sore muscles. We are in love with these new item and we know that you will be too. So, grab a couple today and be among the first to leave us a review.

You can grab the bath bombs here

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