Aromatherapy Summit

aromatherapy summit

I thought I would take a moment just to give a shout out for this “Essential oil and Aromatherapy summit. There is still time to sign up if you are interested in learning more about the safe usage of essential oils and much much more. The summit itself is a…

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Essential oil Necklace

Essential oil necklaces created with stainless steel are a beautiful way to diffuse essential oils all day. Whether you need a nice relaxing blend to make it through the stress of the day or need a little pick me up on a gloomy day, these make a perfect option. Necklaces…

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Essential Oils

Here you will find a list of essential oils and their benefits that we use for our products. Lavender oil: Lavender has a warm, sweet fragrance and is commonly used for its calming and comforting qualities. This oil is perfect for aromatherapy, relaxation and massage. We use lavender in our products…

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