Herbs and Teas

herbs and teas

Herb garden equals new products We have been hard at work the past few month developing a plan to expand our product line. And although spring is not here yet, we have begun indoor planting of a wide variety of continue reading

Save 20% for one more day


Valentine’s day sale ends tomorrow There is one more day to take advantage of our 20% off Valentine’s day special. If you want to buy some self love items or stock up on gifts for Mother’s Day, now is the continue reading



Patchouli health benefits! This Earthy, smoky, spicy, and a little bit musky oil is one of my all time favorites. Because of it’s earthy and a bit hippy scent I love using patchouli with floral fragrances to mellow them out. continue reading

Cold and Flu Relief

cold and flu relief

Need relief from cold and flu symptoms Over the past few weeks we have seen school closing all around our state. Today they close here. I wont speculate as to why the flu has been seen in epic numbers this continue reading