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Welcome to our health and beauty boutique

Bella Daye’s natural health and beauty boutique is dedicated to bringing you safe and healthy products. You can purchase with confidence because we use high quality natural ingredients.  Our products are safe for children and practical to use every day.  We can create gift sets for any occasion using soaps, scrubs and bath bombs.  Bella Daye has a large collection of essential oils and accessories, And, we use high quality essential oils to create fabulous fragrances that offer extra aromatherapy benefits to your products.

We have items for the whole family, right down to your fur babies.  So, be sure to visit our store to see all the products that we offer. If you would like a great handmade item that you don’t see in our store feel free to let us know and we can create something special just for you.

Serving your health and beauty needs is our passion! For more information Contact us today!

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