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Bella Daye’s natural health and beauty boutique is dedicated to bringing you safe and healthy products. We use high quality natural ingredients and take great pride in creating products that are healthy and good for you.  Our products are safe for children and practical to use every day.  All Bella Daye products are handmade right here in Middle Tennessee, and we use fresh goats milk from our local Stay’N Put farm to create all of our wonderful goat’s milk soaps and shampoo bars. We are now also part of the “Pick Tennessee products” program.

We create high end gift sets for any occasion using our soaps, scrubs and bath bombs.  Bella Daye also offers a wide variety of essential oils and accessories. Our essential oil jewelry is created exclusively for us by another handmade Tennessee artisan, Art Girl at Work.  In addition to offering essential oils for home use, we use them in the creation our fabulous fragrances that bring you beautiful wellness aromatherapy benefits.

Here at Bella Daye Boutique you will find high quality items for the whole family, right down to your fur babies.  So, be sure to visit our store to see all the products that we offer. And, if you would like a great handmade item that you don’t see in our store feel free to let us know and we can create something special just for you.

Serving your health and beauty needs is our passion! For more information Contact us today!

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Recent Blog Post

Pain Relief Trio Pack

pain relief trio pack
CBD Trio Pack

Ultimate pain reducer trio pack. Save 10% when you buy all 3 of our fabulous cannabinol products in this ultimate trio pack. You get 1, 2 oz jar of our signature moisturizer plus. 1, 1 oz bottle of our Hemp Infused CBD oil and 1 pack of our new CBD Bath Cakes.

pain relief trio pack
Bath Cakes

Take a bath with one of our all natural cbd bath bombs for full body relief of aches and pains. These great bath bombs are created in 2 parts, each containing 5.5 mg of Canabinoids  for a total of 11 mg per full bath bomb.

We understand that everyone’s needs vary and created these bath bombs to be customize-able to your individual needs. By creating 2 halves instead of 1 whole bomb we put you in control. Each half contains its own dose of CBD,  so you control the amount you use. So, if you are seeking relief of minor aches and pains from over exertion, or if you are dealing with something more sever, like sciatic nerve pain and arthritis, you can choose the level of treatment you need.

The average adult dose ranges from 8-12 mg of CBD. We have found these bath bombs to be very effective on minor aches and pains at just the 5.5 mg level, and with a 30 minute soak of the full 11 mg of CBD most have received complete relief. Read more here

Hemp Infused Oil

Our Hemp Infusion oils, with cannabinoids are created with an all natural Grapeseed oil base that has been infused with CBD isolate powder. These hemp extracts offer a wide variety of benefits ranging from relaxing sore muscles, soothing joint pain, enhancing sleep quality, calming nerves and much more. Read More Here

Moisture Cream Plus

Our signature Moisturizer PLUS takes our creamy natural moisturizer to a whole new level. We added extra, nourishing oils but also added the benefits of hemp extracts, with cannabinoids.  These extracts offer a wide variety of benefits. Benefits range from relaxing sore muscles, soothing joint pain, enhancing sleep quality, calming nerves and much more. Read more here

The FDA does not approve these Statements. (who, btw does not approve information on your vitamins either) These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease and are for informational purposes only. If you are new to the world of healthy hemp use, we have a blog post by Dr. Axe with more information here.